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deviation in storage by RustyDooks


Lego and Bootleg - Costumed Minifig Collection by a8702131
Lego and Bootleg - Costumed Minifig Collection
Here's my minifigure collection showcasing the costumed characters from all the blind bag series.

There are the real and chinese knockoffs mixed together. Can you tell them apart?

Still missing the Panda Guy from the Lego Movie.
Unicorn girl by a8702131
Unicorn girl
LEGO Series 13 Minifigure

If LEGO ever made a figure for the MLP fans, this would be it.

Was lucky to be the first one in the store when they received the new LEGO minifigs. Went through the whole box, trying to feel that small horn through the bag.

Also got the Hotdog man.
Applejack's Hat by a8702131
Applejack's Hat
At last, you can finally get a hat for your McDonald's MLP AJ figure easily.

With the new ninja Turtles movie, there is an action figure of Raphael in a trench coat, a nod to the 80's cartoons.

The hat that comes with it fits on AJ.

I have not made the cut out on the brim yet, it will be done when I have time and got some yellow paint to cover the orange spot on her head where I removed where the key ring clips onto.

Also, you an widen the hole under the hat to fit her mane better.

Kudos to you if you get what Pinkie Pie said. 

Raphael the Ninja Turtle (c) Eastman and Laird
Applejack, Rainbow Dash & Pinkie Pie (c) Hasbro and Lauren Faust
I just came back from Singapore with a dozen wave 9 MLP blindbags.

If you didn't know, each blindbag has a code stamped on the bag. With a magnifying glass always ready in my wallet, I went though every bag, selecting the ones I wanted. Not so fair isn't it?

I got 2 Fluttershys, 2 Applejacks, 2 Princess Cadences, Big Mac, Mr. Cake, Berry Splash/Punch, Prism Glider, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash.

There are two more surprises I got earlier, I'll show them all soon.


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AC3, nick: "Ace"
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
:icona8702131: After being a member for years, I finally started to produce artworks for my page. I'll admit I make a lot of mistakes and don't have a particular style yet, plus it takes a long time to finish a project. That just means the best is yet to come.

I'm also an avid Monster Hunter player and have made several videos over the years. The link to my youtube channel is below.

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a8702131 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Love it!
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